Feb 26 2015

UPDATED Bus Info: Join Us Saturday in Madison for a Rally to Stop ‘Right to Work’

Join Us Saturday in Madison for a Rally to Stop ‘Right to Work’

WHEN: Saturday, Feb. 28, at 12 p.m. WHERE: The State Street side of the state Capitol, Madison, WI

Hop on one of these busses to join us!  Contact the individuals listed for more  info.


Please see below with the latest bus information for tomorrow’s rally.  



Departure Location: Milwaukee Area Labor Council – 633 S. Hawley Road, Milwaukee, WI 53214

Departure Time: 9am

Contact: Emily Kitchin – ekitchin@wisaflcio.org



Kenosha Stop

Departure Location: UAW Local 72 – 3615 Washington Road, Kenosha, WI (Please park on SW end of parking lot)

Departure Time: 8am

Contact: Justin Geiger – jgeiger@wisaflcio.org


Racine Stop

Departure Location: Hwy 11 Park & Ride – Sturtevant, WI

Departure Time: 8:30am

Contact: Justin Geiger – jgeiger@wisaflcio.org


Central WI

Wausau Stop

Departure Location: Wausau Labor Temple – 318 S. 3rd Avenue, Wausau, WI

Departure Time: 7:15 am

Contact: Sabrina Johnson – sjohnson@wisaflcio.org


Stevens Point Stop

Departure Location: IBEW 388 – 5224 Heffron Court, Stevens Point WI

Departure Time: 8:15 am

Contact: Sabrina Johnson – sjohnson@wisaflcio.org


Wisconsin Rapids Stop

Departure Location: Laborers Hall – 220 Johnson Street, WI Rapids, WI

Departure Time: 9am

Contact: Sabrina Johnson – sjohnson@wisaflcio.org


Eau Claire

Eau Claire

Departure Location: Eau Claire Labor Temple; 2233 Birch Street; Eau Claire, WI 54703

Departure Time: 8 am

​​Contact: Andy Thompson – athompson@wisaflcio.org


La Crosse/Sparta/Mauston

La Crosse Stop

Departure Location: Valley View Mall (Behind the Texas Roadhouse), La Crosse, WI

Departure Time: 8:30 am

Contact: Andy Thompson – athompson@wisaflcio.org (RSVP Required)


Sparta Stop

Departure Location: Sparta Family Restaurant, 741 Avon Road, Sparta, WI

Departure Time: 9 am

Contact: Andy Thompson – athompson@wisaflcio.org (RSVP Required)


Mauston Stop

Departure Location: Kwik Trip, 611 WI-82, Mauston, WI

Departure Time: 10 am

Contact: Andy Thompson – athompson@wisaflcio.org (RSVP Required)




Departure Location: Carmichael Road Park and Ride, Carmichael Road and I-94, Hudson, WI

Departure Time: 7am






Jan 22 2015

AFSCME C24 Jim Boyd Memorial Scholarship

To qualify for a Jim Boyd Memorial Scholarship or a Members Only Scholarship application, you must be a state employee and a member of the Wisconsin State Employees Union (WSEU). Members of other unions or other Councils (County or City employees) do not qualify. Applications will be mailed to the WSEU member.

Click on the links below to determine which scholarship application to request.

Jim Boyd Memorial Scholarship Rules and Rate Sheet (available only to
Dependents of WSEU Members.)

Members-Only Scholarship Rules and Rate Sheet (available only to
WSEU Members who are returning students.)


Please click here for Scholarship Application Request

 Applications are mailed to the Member and must be postmarked by March 16, 2015.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Shannon Linde
at (608) 836-0024, ext 115 or by email at slinde@wseu-24.org.

Feb 25 2015

Right to work is the wrong way for Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Republicans announced their latest attack on Wisconsin workers in the form of a new “right to work” bill. This bill would be devastating for everyone in Wisconsin, whether you’re in a union or not.1

If the Republicans have their way, this legislation will be a done deal by the end of the week, which is why we’re springing into action and fighting back. Will you join us by signing our MoveOn petition and taking a stand for Wisconsin workers?

Here’s what our petition to state legislators says:

Right to work is the wrong way for Wisconsin. Right to work doesn’t create one new job and hurts all workers, both union and nonunion. Right to work cripples the fundamental right of every American to join together, stick together, and have a meaningful voice in the workplace. Elected leaders ought to focus on creating jobs, raising wages, and investing in infrastructure — not attacking working families.

Sign Stephanie’s petition

Right to work would be devastating for everyone in Wisconsin. Workers in states where right to work laws have been passed make $5,000 less and have fewer benefits than workers in states where right-to-work laws don’t exist. Six of the ten states with the highest unemployment have right-to-work laws in place. Also, the wage gap for women who live in right-to-work states is even higher than in non-right-to-work states. This divisive legislation would hurt all working families in Wisconsin. We need to act right now to stop this bill because Republicans are trying to fast-track the bill by the end of the week using a legislative maneuver called an “extraordinary session” that changes the rules, limits debate, and makes a mockery out of our democracy.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


–Stephanie Bloomingdale Secretary-Treasurer, Wisconsin AFL-CIO


1. “Wisconsin Republicans plan to push right-to-work bill next week,” Reuters, February 20, 2015 http://www.moveon.org/r/?r=303126&id=108894-4800096-Us6fvJx&t=1

Feb 16 2015

Job Posting – Northeast Wisconsin Service Area Organizer for the WI AFL-CIO

2015 NE WI Service Area Organizer Job Announcement

Feb 11 2015



Please plan to attend a rally in your area to show support for our outstanding UW System.    Speakers talk about how the cuts will hurt our universities, and march through campuses. Bring signs and friends!


This is a nonpartisan rally to protest the draconian cuts proposed for the UW system sponsored by the UWEC Democrats. Representative Dana Wachs will speak.

WHEN;  Friday the 13th of February, at Noon
WHERE:  The UW-Eau Claire Campus Mall between Schofield and Centennial halls.


WHEN;  Saturday, 2/14/15
WHERE:  UW Library Mall – March to the Capitol for the rally.

Feb 06 2015

Walker is continuing to make massive cuts to public education and services, trying to slash and burn his way out of the deficit his own policies created.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,


You’ve no doubt by now seen coverage of the new budget proposal by Gov. Scott Walker.  Unfortunately, it’s just more of the same cut and run Tea Party ideology that has sent our once proud state to the back of the pack.


Walker is continuing to make massive cuts to public education and services, trying to slash and burn his way out of the deficit his own policies created.


He’s running away from Wisconsin’s tradition of citizen participation by freezing us out of decisions about protecting clean air, land and water.


He’s turning away federal dollars that could help those who need help most, while trying to fill the gaps by making Draconian cuts to vital services.


We’re just beginning to dig through the details.  But we know you’d like to keep informed about how Walker’s dangerous plans could affect you, your job, your family and your community.


Please click here to sign up for special budget action alerts and we’ll keep you posted on the best information from AFSCME and our allies.


Signing up today means we’ll make sure that you don’t miss the best analysis about how specific items buried in the budget affect you and your family.


We’ll let you know how and when you can make your voice heard during the coming months when the legislature will be deliberating on Walker’s proposals.


Walker wants us to think its all a done deal.  It isn’t.


It won’t be easy to change minds.  But even Walker supporters are expressing doubts about his reckless and extreme budget schemes.


Let’s make sure we can make our voices heard most powerfully: with the right facts, in the right place, in the right time — standing shoulder-to-shoulder.


Paulette Feld, Council 24 President

Marty Beil, Council 24 Executive Director


Jim Garity, Council 40 President
Rick Badger, Council 40 Executive Director  


Brian Stafford, Council 48 President  

Boyd McCamish, Council 48 Executive Director

Feb 04 2015

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Community Services Conference

Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Community Services Conference


The annual Community Services Conference has been announced by the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO.   Click on the link below for more information on this timely and important conference on mobilizing union members to address workplace and social justice issues and achieving more through strong community and organizational partnerships.





Jan 21 2015

How Low is too Low? Wisconsin Public Employment at a Record Low

AFSCME Council 24 continues working in concert with our coalition partners.  Below is recent information they have uncovered.  Good work!



How Low is too Low? Wisconsin Public Employment at a Record Low


The number of government workers in Wisconsin compared to the state’s population has dropped to its lowest level in 20 years, new Census figures show.


Wisconsin has long had relatively few government workers for the size of our population, but we have dropped to a new low. Only eight states have a leaner public sector, the most recent figures show. For every 100 state and local government employees in other states, Wisconsin has only 94.


Fewer government employees mean that Wisconsin governments spend less on public payrolls. For each person that lives in the state, Wisconsin spends eight percent less on public payrolls than the national average.

Wisconsin needs enough public employees to run the kind of efficient, effective public sector that helps Wisconsin families and businesses thrive. Public employees patrol country roads, immunize babies, repair streets, and teach our children. If the number of public employees dips too low, Wisconsin won’t be able to sustain the excellent schools, safe communities, and solid transportation network that have helped build broad-based prosperity in our state.


For more about public employment in Wisconsin, read and share our new analysis: Wisconsin’s Public Sector is Leanest in Two Decades.


In case you missed it:

  • Wisconsin’s black incarceration rate is the highest of any state, by far.
  • Wisconsin’s tax system requires the least from those who earn the most.
  • The Governor should not set aside a requirement that the state have a budget cushion big enough to guard against unexpected events.
  • The number of uninsured adults dropped sharply after the implementation of health reform.


Jan 08 2015

WI Alliance for Retired Americans Convention Registration

Convention Invitation


Registration Form

Dec 18 2014

There’s a shady new front group in town…

Brothers and Sisters,

There’s a shady new front group in town, gearing up to attack workers and Wisconsin’s middle class.  On December 1, a group with ties to the Koch Brothers launched an organization called “Wisconsin Right to Work” to “aggressively promote” anti-worker policies in the state legislature.  On December 2, Rep. Chris Kapenga (R-Delafield) publicly promised to introduce an anti-worker Right to Work bill during the 2015-2016 legislative session.  On December 4, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said the Senate would lead on Right to Work and take it up in just a matter of weeks.

Sign the petition today:  Click here to stand firm against Right to Work in Wisconsin.  This bill is a scheme by out-of-state special interests to lower our wages and hurt our entire middle class.

Right to Work isn’t what it seems.  It is a complicated and controversial anti-worker bill brought to you by out-of-state special interests that want to drive down wages and line their own pockets. 

Here are the Facts

  • RTW doesn’t create jobs. Passing RTW won’t create even one job in Wisconsin.  RTW is a power grab by out-of-state special interests who want to eliminate unions and stack the deck even more in their favor, all at the expense of the middle class.
  • RTW is an attack on the middle class. These anti-worker Right To Work laws just force all working families to work harder for lower pay and less benefits, whether they’re in a union or not. The average worker makes about $5,000 less and pensions are lower and less secure in Right to Work states. If we don’t stop these attacks, the middle class will continue to shrink.
  •    All working people deserve real freedom, not laws like these. Freedom is about being able to earn a living wage, balance life with work and come home safe after a day’s work.  Freedom is the ability to speak out about workplace conditions without fear of retaliation.  This is what we need to work toward, not laws like these.

Now that you have the facts, click here to sign the petition to stop attacks on Wisconsin workers and our freedom to earn a decent wage

The truth is Right to Work benefits the people at the top while hurting the rest of us.  Don’t be fooled — when powerful special interests win, it’s people who work for a living and the middle class that loses.  

In Solidarity,

Phil Neuenfeldt, President

Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer

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